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Why? Because it has many features and benefits that it offers to investors and buyers. Gold is not affected by problems plaguing the economy such as inflation, low value of the legal tender, low currency rates and low interest rates. Rather, the value of gold increases over these economic calamities. If you are interested but do not know how to buy gold bars as a means of security over the diminishing purchasing power of the legal tender, there are many options for you.

Gold and silver bars have, for many centuries, been used as a trading means for commerce. Because of the innate capability of the precious metals to be a hedge against inflation, they have been longed desired for by empires, governments and countries. They are not the only ones who can possess these exquisite metals, but a lot of people are actually buying these precious metals for investment as well as financial security especially with the ever-continuing inflation. Inflation cannot affect the value of gold.

Investing in gold bullion is also one of the most popular forms of investment and storage of wealth and purchasing power. Nowadays, it is most common to hear the news stating about the different economic predicaments of the country, and inflation as well as low currency rates are the most popular of all. With the decreasing value of the legal tender, the waning of its purchasing power follows. Gold, in the other hand is very stable even amidst all the problems plaguing the economy.

If you are planning to buy and then later sell these precious metals, it is very important for you to know the basics of investing in precious metals. Investments in gold, silver, and platinum bars are the most common types of precious metal investments. There are a lot of places where you can purchase these exquisite metals from, and are actually the safest places where you can buy them from. The U.S. Mint is one of these places. Gold in all forms, shapes and sizes can be found and purchased here.

In today’s faulty economy where inflation is always looming ahead, investments in the different precious metals are all the rage. Because whenever trouble arises for the economy, much of the investment factors such as real estate and stock market values go along with it. The remaining sanctuary for investors and people who would want to secure their financial assets is the investments in the different precious metals such as the gold bullion and the silver bars.

Platinum bars alongside with the gold and the silver forms can be found and purchased through an easy transaction. Easy transaction it may be, but it does not necessarily mean that you should not be on the lookout for unscrupulous and fraudulent dealers. The first step on securing your vault of value is to find an authorized dealer of authentic precious metals. In your search for the legitimate dealer, you can start by checking with the Better Business Bureau who can definitely answer your questions about a dealer or a company.

Knowing what you want before actually buying and contacting the company or the dealer will save you a lot of time and effort. Be it silver bars, gold bullion or platinum bars, the more decided you are, the better for the transaction. Each time you barge ahead without having any plans of what to buy leaves you purchasing with regret. Aside from that is the number that you will also be buying. If you plan on getting gold, then this is one of the most important steps on how to buy gold bars that you should consider.

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Why Invest In Gold?

Why Gold? Why Now?

The Case for Investing in Gold Today:

NOW IS THE TIME. Take your financial future back and keep it safely in your control, the only way to do this is by turning towards gold investment; find out where to buy gold coins.

The careful investors of the world know that gold is the only way to stay safe during the difficult crashes because it lasts forever and is always hoarded carefully.

If debt had a kryptonite analogue, it would be this great precious metal.

Gold doesn’t canker or tarnish, and it’s relatively useless to industry. It’s been about 4,000 years since major gold mining has begun and almost of of it is unused for any major industrial purpose. Preserving wealth is the main purpose for this heavy material.

The world’s total store of gold now stands near 160,000 tons. However, since it is so dense, if you melted all that down to a cube it would only span 66 feet on one of its edges.
That wouldn’t even cover a ball court!

Gold vs. Paper-Money Inflation

The world stores are still increasing at a nice pace of 2600 tons/year.
That’s a modest increase of 1.6% per year to the above-ground supply. The best part is that the bankers don’t control the amount of gold in this world like they control the value of currency.

The carefully controlled Euro is inflating at a whopping rate of 11.5 percent every year.

But our friend gold kept it’s buying power all throughout the Carter years. When Reaganomics took over, our little dense friend soared as an asset by increasing 23 times itself.

The Great Depression saw gold remaining strong as a purchaser of financial assets.

It does not need to be stated as to the condition of our currencies today. Gold has already risen three-fold against the New York Stock Exchange since early 2000. It outperforms real estate without even breaking a sweat.

Time to Buy Gold?

The old boy network’s game of currency has no effect on the metal. Check the stats folks, the real players stay safe with the yellow metal, not with currency.

But that doesn’t make gold a “forever” investment. Gold will always lose value during stable periods of strong economic growth. You could hold your breath for that to occur.

Before 9-11 and during the happy days of Clinton, gold was very cheap. During that time, you couldn’t get an investor worth his weight to advise their clients in gold.

After the tech bubble burst, and Britain dumped its reserves, the prices started to climb.

There does not seem to be a glass ceiling on this latest climb. Perspective shows that the current trends are only the beginning. It’s also been limited by Western governments persuading their citizens that “core” inflation in the cost of living is running at just 2% per year or below.

The black hat markets of the banker cannot sustain blissful ignorance forever.

New Investment in Gold

The smart analysts know that gold will continue to grow. The only way out of the Fed’s treachery, is to hyper-inflate the currencies which will have this price driving effect on gold. Trends like these are only stopped when the bankers have choke collars put on them.

The Fed raised interest rates in the 80′s which helped usher in that positive growth we once saw in the 90′s.

Will that happen again? Anyone in the room think Ben Bernanke gives a crap what happens to our savings and our futures?People who live in such a dream world should not invest with the rest of us then

Stop believing that you can’t get into the gold market, it’s just as open to you as it is to the Rothschilds.

You may be saying that you don’t know where to buy gold coins or bullion. Or maybe you know where to buy gold coins but don’t think anyone will use them as money.

Click here to find out more about where to buy gold coins.

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Numismatic Gold Coins

Numismatic gold coins may be a practical way an investor may choose to invest in physical gold.

Coins that are perceived as collectibles to investors are known as numismatic coins. Gold coins that are valued predominantly for the gold they contain are known as bullion coins. There are some scenarios in which a bullion coin can achieve numismatic status to investors. One scenario in which a bullion coin can achieve numismatic status is if the said coin is part of an historical event.

A next scenario in which a bullion coin can achieve numismatic status is if a particular coin is manufactured with a mistake. Most mints that produced coins usually will inspect coins thoroughly before authorizing them to be sold, making the aspect of finding a coin with a production mistake extremely rare. The exception of a production mistake can make a coin more valuable than a similar coin without any mistakes.

Buy Gold Coins Online

By purchasing gold and silver, you should have long term on your mind. Coins and bullion show the greatest returns when held on to for at least 3-5 years. Rare coins have a higher spread and it’s recommended that if you’re interested in these numismatics it’s best to keep them for at least 5-10 years. If you do a little investigating, see what you can find about the last 10 or even 20 years of the market and you’ll see what a sound investment gold can be.

Benefiting From Rare Numismatic Coins

There are many advantages to owning numismatic Coins. Chief among the many benefits is the fact that they have traditionally held their worth even when other investments such as the stock market have taken substantial hits in times of recession and depression. Many private investors who have great deals of personal wealth safeguard some amount of their personal wealth in these coins.

A Solid Gold Online Resource For Gold Coins Prices

How do you determine the value, the gold coins prices of rare gold coins? Collectors and investors rely on The Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, the two most reputable coin grading services.

Numismatic Coins A MLM? Why Not!

In its various forms, MLM is presently the fastest growing industry everywhere. In the past decade alone, network marketing and other home-based businesses have experienced a twenty-fold increase to a record 30 million operators or distributors. And as broadband internet continues to gain a stronger foothold in presently under-served countries, these numbers will surely keep on increasing…Some gold coins are produce with a slightly different process to give them a distinct appearance from similar normal bullion. Coins produced in this nature are known as gold proof coins. If gold proof coins are produced in limited quantities, they can be worth considerably more than similar bullion coins.

A last scenario in which a bullion coin can achieve numismatic status is if a gold coin stops being manufactured. Usually when a coin stops being manufactured, as time passes the coin will generally become rare compared to other bullion coins that are still being produced. As a coin becomes rare, it will usually build up more numismatic value over time. Knowing the rate in which a numismatic gold coin may appreciate in value is something every investor should research before investing.

One method an investor can implement to uncover this information, is noting how much a gold coin appreciates in value on a yearly basis. Numismatics can be a profitable way any gold purchaser can invest in physical gold, once the process is done correctly.

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Invest, Trade and Buy Gold Bullion and Coins

The time for gold is now.

Although gold had been recognized as a very important metal for as long as we can remember, its essence had expanded to investments and trades. Companies and individuals of today buy gold bullion and coins in answer to the call for gold.

The number of investing groups and individuals had risen dramatically over the past few years. This may be attributed to the fact that despite the current economic status of a nation, company, or individual there is no accurate forecast of how the future is going to be like. We have seen how even a stable economy may plunge into recession. While everything is slowly rising up the ruins, there is no better time to think of the future but now.

You may ask, why gold? The importance of precious metals is evident in the past as it is today. Gold is applied to various industries such as computer and electronics, medicine and dentistry, monetary purposes such as in coins, jewelry, and even for space projects. The potential in gold investments though had only been realized during the recent times.

Many people would always think that gold is just about money spending, but this is absolutely a wrong notion. Buying gold is like saving your money in a bank and having it earn interest. In simple words, gold is equal to the dollar and that its value increases in spite of economic breakdown.

Gold is a good investment because of a few reasons. First, it is more stable than most items there are in stocks, bond, and exchanges. It is able to resist fluctuation. Its value never depreciates but even increases as the demand rises and the supply becomes less.

Forms of Gold

Some forms of gold which can be traded are coins, bars, and bullions. Gold coins are specially minted with at least 99.5% purity. Some are even produced for collectors. One of this includes the gold eagle coins of the U.S.

Gold bars which are also called “ingot” are also commonly purchased, traded, and invested upon. Bullion pertains to a group of gold bars bought not in single pieces but as a group.

How to Invest in Gold

When investing in gold, there are important factors you need to consider. One of these includes the source. You have to find out where you will be able to buy gold bullion and coins.

There are various sources over the internet. You can look for individual offers and companies. Mints, merchants, and jewelers who operate in actual locations are also potential sources. For your own assurance, you can make a quick background check first before transacting. Find out if the company is legitimate enough and can be trusted. Make sure that the items they sell pass standards of purity and mass.

For gold coins, aside from having a passing purity percentage of at least 99.5% and a standard mass for gold items, their authenticity should be backed up in writing. The American Eagles gold coins particularly those which are released annually have accompanying official seals which assure a purchaser that the items are genuine.

For bars and bullion, mass and purity measurements should also be checked. The only issue with these is the storage. Most utilize personal vaults and safety deposit account in financial institutions and other services which offer this type of security service.

In conclusion, with the economic status experienced even by the most industrialized nations, investing your money in items which are not affected by these changes is beneficial. When you buy gold bullion and coins, you assure yourself of a stable financial status.

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What Is A Gold IRA?

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account.

There are five different types:

  • Traditional IRA – contributions are often tax-deductible, all transactions and earnings within the IRA have no tax impact, and withdrawals at retirement are taxed as income.
  • Roth IRA – contributions are made with after-tax assets, all transactions within the IRA have no tax impact, and withdrawals are usually tax-free. Named after Senator William V. Roth, Jr.
  • SEP IRA – allows employers  to make retirement plan contributions into employees Traditional IRA, instead of to a pension fund in the company’s name.
  • Simple IRA – similar to a 401(k), a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees requires employers to match contributions made by the employee.
  • Self-Directed IRA – IRA’s that permit the account holder to make investments on behalf of the retirement plan.

Gold IRA are accounts established by rolling over retirement investment funds into gold. The gold then becomes part of the assets that make up your portfolio. Any investment counselor worth their salt will tell you that investing in gold (and other precious metals) is a smart financial move. The value of gold has always managed to remain stable, or even go up, in times of economic downturn. Self-Directed is the best program to enroll in if you are interested in a gold IRA, because unlike the other IRA’s, you can choose to invest your money in several different options such as: private equity, real estate, stocks, and (most importantly) precious metals!

A Gold Rollover Ensures Your IRA’s Safety

A gold IRA  can reduce your portfolio’s volatility, provide an instant, consistent hedge and, most important of all, will always have value. The past results have shown that the value of gold has increases when the value of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds fall. Investments in gold and precious metals gives you the best possible hedges against uncertain economical times. Any financial portfolio that includes gold automatically has a hedge against high inflation and sensitive dollar-based investments. Gold can even act as a hedge if there is weakening of the U.S. dollar. Financial advisors agree that there is no stronger diversifier than gold. Its value tends to move opposite to the value of other assets in both positive and negative times.

What Gold Do I Invest In?

It’s important to not just randomly purchase various types of gold. There are several different mints of gold coins, and only a few of them are allowed into IRA accounts. The coins must meet specific fineness standards; examples that fit this requirement include the US Gold Eagles as well as the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. Any coins that are numismatic in nature or any coins that have numismatic premiums cannot be deposited into these accounts.

Another type to steer clear of when purchasing gold for your IRA is proof gold. The downside to proof’s are that the premiums you must pay are worth more than the actual gold itself. You are better off to invest in standard gold mint.

But more important above all else, research every step of the way when securing the right gold for your Gold IRA account. If you want to work with BBB trusted, top rated, official gold ira company then Regal Assets is your only choice.

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Sell Gold

It has never been easier time to sell your gold.

Unfortunately it is still hard to get a good price for your gold. Most of the online and mail in gold buyers pay the lowest prices they can get away with.

It isn’t uncommon for the online buyers to pay several hundred dollars less for a common piece of 14 carat jewelry such as a ring than a reputable jeweler would. If that wasn’t bad enough most of these companies require you to ship your jewelry through the mail. Do you really want to trust your valuables to the post office?

Persons who live in or near big cities can take their gold to such a jeweler but what about people who don’t live near big cities. Can you really afford to drive several hundred miles to get a few pieces of jewelry assessed?

A person who doesn’t live within easy driving distance of a jewelry and precious metal buyer can turn to an online service.

Tips on Selling Gold

As an investment, gold is really great because it is tangible and easily exchanged. Gold is easy to hold, to sell, and to buy. Many people believe that gold shares are actually shares of gold, but you’re actually buying and selling shares in gold mining companies, not selling gold.

Unless you live on Long Island, there aren’t many local jewelers who will come right to their home to buy such items.

How To Sell Gold Faster

This economy has Britain scrambling to find extra money to sustain a comfortable standard of living. Many people have become unemployed in recent months and this difficult status presents a challenge to families trying to make ends meet from month to month in Britain.

The Best Way To Sell Gold Online

Money lacks – inherent value. People who want to sell gold realize that the price of this entity may rise or fall in a particular currency. Many online firms will buy such items and pay cash for them. These services work by having a person send in items for assessment. If the items are purchased the service will pay for them using a check or PayPal.

Reputable Online Buyers

Fortunately there are reputable online buyers of precious metals and other valuable items. The most reputable buyers will be licensed jewelers and traders of precious metals.

Unlike most of the outfits in the business, these companies are licensed and regulated by state governments. Some of them have been in business for many years and know the market well.

The reputable firms will pay a good price any object made of a precious metal such as platinum, silver or gold. Many of the most respected and trusted traders operate in New York State.

New York state has some of the strictest regulations on precious metals buyers in the entire nation.

This means the buyers there are the best to deal with. A person’s items should be fairly safe in their hands.

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Cheapest Gold Coins

A question that is asked by a lot of new investors is: where to get the cheapest gold coins?

Knowing the chief reason why this is being asked can help significantly to answer it correctly. If this is being ask because a new investor is looking to purchase one gold coin but isn’t looking to spend a lot, the smallest gold bullion coin that can be purchased is the recommended answer.

Gold coins can be weighed in grams or troy ounces. It’s more often than not advised for a gold investor to purchase the largest coin when investing; but when it comes to buying one coin and knowing the cheapest one to get, the smallest gold coin is recommended. One reason why purchasing the largest size coin is otherwise recommended, is because the larger the size the coin is the lower of a percentage will account for the coin’s production and shipping cost, when compared to smaller coins.

If an investor wants to know the cheapest gold coins because he or she is looking for wealth preservation, buying the largest gold bullion coins is advised.

Purchase Gold Coins

What is the benefit of purchasing gold over other metals or other currency? Gold is long-lasting and rare.

Gold Coin Buyers

It is recommended for a gold coin investor to know the location of various gold coin buyers. See why this information can save an investor time and money.

Cheap Gold Coins

The best place to get cheap gold coins is a question asked by many investors. See some informative tips that can aid an investor when finding cheap gold coins.

Invest In Gold Coin

Not like olden days, coin collection is not anymore a hobby; it is rather an investment. When you invest in gold coin and silver coin, you are certain to get more gains. Bullion gold coins are valued in the most part for the amount of gold they contain unlike numismatics, which are valued for the rarity of the coins. It is not recommended that an investor purchase numismatic coins if he or she wants to purchase the cheapest gold coins. It is common for gold bullion coins to come in different sizes; usually the largest size being one troy ounce and the smallest size being a twentieth of an ounce. The twentieth of an ounce size coins can be a less expensive way an investor can start off investing in gold bullion.

One last thing an investor can implement to help him or her find the cheapest gold coins is to compare the different prices of coins on multiple sites.

It is advised to also account for the extra costs when comparing prices. Some of these extra costs can be the insurance, taxes or shipping to name a few. By adding these extra costs to the prices shown, comparing multiple sites to each other will become a simpler task. It is also advised to research any site’s reputation before purchasing from them. Finding out where to get the cheapest coins can take some in-depth research; but if a gold investor utilizes the information shown here, this task will become an easier one.

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Krugerrand Gold Coin Prices

Krugerrand is a South African Gold Coin produced in 1967.

The prices for the gold coins are cheaper than the price of regular gold.

The best way to determine the price of the gold Krugerrand is to compare them to the internationally priced regular gold. The Krugerrand coins come in a couple of different amounts of regular gold from 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1/10 oz.

Krugerrand gold coins became popular because of their durability. The coins contain gold and copper. The copper is used to make the coins harder and keep them from scratching and denting. This is important because the value of gold is different when it is damaged.

The Krugerrand are easily sold no matter what price they are selling at. This gold is easy to move and easily recognized on a national scale.

The biggest asset to Krugerrand gold coins is them being cost effective to the owners of it.

Krugerrand Gold Coins Fun Facts

Here are some cool facts or tidbits about Krugerrand gold coins, which you can use to impress your friends and your fellow precious metal enthusiasts!

Krugerrand Gold Coins – The Granddaddy Of Modern Gold Bullion Coins

The granddaddy of all modern gold bullion coins is the Gold Krugerrand. Krugerrand gold coins were introduced in 1967 and became so popular that by 1980 they accounted for 90 percent of the gold bullion market!

Krugerrand gold coins are the earliest among all present day gold bullion coins. Introduced in 1967 through the South African government, their worldwide popularity grew to become so good that it lead to the mintage of additional common gold bullion coins such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle. I’d like to talk about the advantages of buying Krugerrand gold coins versus other modern gold bullion coins.

Krugerrand Gold Coins – Benefits Of Purchasing Gold Krugerrands Vs. Other Bullion Coins

Krugerrand gold coins are the earliest among all present day gold bullion coins. Introduced in 1967 through the South African government, their worldwide popularity grew to become so good that it lead to the mintage of additional common gold bullion coins such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle. Because the gold has been minted, it does not have to be melted down and can be carried in its natural state.

Here are the prices for Krugerrand gold coins at 1oz:

1-25 oz=$1,400.32 + $27-$65 for shipping
26-49 oz=$1,393.42 + $65-$99 for shipping
50 + oz=$1,386.52 + Free shipping

As you can see the more Krugerrand gold coins, you buy the cheaper the price. This is another reason they are so easy to sell on a mass basis. The prices for Krugerrand tend the change with the price of regular gold. Be sure and check the price history to get the most accurate pricing at the time you are selling or buying.

Overall, the price of Krugerrand gold coins is a lot cheaper than the price for regular gold. That paired with its durability makes the gold coins internationally known and bought by other countries.

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