What Is A Gold IRA?

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account.

There are five different types:

  • Traditional IRA – contributions are often tax-deductible, all transactions and earnings within the IRA have no tax impact, and withdrawals at retirement are taxed as income.
  • Roth IRA – contributions are made with after-tax assets, all transactions within the IRA have no tax impact, and withdrawals are usually tax-free. Named after Senator William V. Roth, Jr.
  • SEP IRA – allows employers  to make retirement plan contributions into employees Traditional IRA, instead of to a pension fund in the company’s name.
  • Simple IRA – similar to a 401(k), a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees requires employers to match contributions made by the employee.
  • Self-Directed IRA – IRA’s that permit the account holder to make investments on behalf of the retirement plan.

Gold IRA are accounts established by rolling over retirement investment funds into gold. The gold then becomes part of the assets that make up your portfolio. Any investment counselor worth their salt will tell you that investing in gold (and other precious metals) is a smart financial move. The value of gold has always managed to remain stable, or even go up, in times of economic downturn. Self-Directed is the best program to enroll in if you are interested in a gold IRA, because unlike the other IRA’s, you can choose to invest your money in several different options such as: private equity, real estate, stocks, and (most importantly) precious metals!

A Gold Rollover Ensures Your IRA’s Safety

A gold IRA  can reduce your portfolio’s volatility, provide an instant, consistent hedge and, most important of all, will always have value. The past results have shown that the value of gold has increases when the value of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds fall. Investments in gold and precious metals gives you the best possible hedges against uncertain economical times. Any financial portfolio that includes gold automatically has a hedge against high inflation and sensitive dollar-based investments. Gold can even act as a hedge if there is weakening of the U.S. dollar. Financial advisors agree that there is no stronger diversifier than gold. Its value tends to move opposite to the value of other assets in both positive and negative times.

What Gold Do I Invest In?

It’s important to not just randomly purchase various types of gold. There are several different mints of gold coins, and only a few of them are allowed into IRA accounts. The coins must meet specific fineness standards; examples that fit this requirement include the US Gold Eagles as well as the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. Any coins that are numismatic in nature or any coins that have numismatic premiums cannot be deposited into these accounts.

Another type to steer clear of when purchasing gold for your IRA is proof gold. The downside to proof’s are that the premiums you must pay are worth more than the actual gold itself. You are better off to invest in standard gold mint.

But more important above all else, research every step of the way when securing the right gold for your Gold IRA account. If you want to work with BBB trusted, top rated, official gold ira company then Regal Assets is your only choice.

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