Why Invest In Gold?

Why Gold? Why Now?

The Case for Investing in Gold Today:

NOW IS THE TIME. Take your financial future back and keep it safely in your control, the only way to do this is by turning towards gold investment; find out where to buy gold coins.

The careful investors of the world know that gold is the only way to stay safe during the difficult crashes because it lasts forever and is always hoarded carefully.

If debt had a kryptonite analogue, it would be this great precious metal.

Gold doesn’t canker or tarnish, and it’s relatively useless to industry. It’s been about 4,000 years since major gold mining has begun and almost of of it is unused for any major industrial purpose. Preserving wealth is the main purpose for this heavy material.

The world’s total store of gold now stands near 160,000 tons. However, since it is so dense, if you melted all that down to a cube it would only span 66 feet on one of its edges.
That wouldn’t even cover a ball court!

Gold vs. Paper-Money Inflation

The world stores are still increasing at a nice pace of 2600 tons/year.
That’s a modest increase of 1.6% per year to the above-ground supply. The best part is that the bankers don’t control the amount of gold in this world like they control the value of currency.

The carefully controlled Euro is inflating at a whopping rate of 11.5 percent every year.

But our friend gold kept it’s buying power all throughout the Carter years. When Reaganomics took over, our little dense friend soared as an asset by increasing 23 times itself.

The Great Depression saw gold remaining strong as a purchaser of financial assets.

It does not need to be stated as to the condition of our currencies today. Gold has already risen three-fold against the New York Stock Exchange since early 2000. It outperforms real estate without even breaking a sweat.

Time to Buy Gold?

The old boy network’s game of currency has no effect on the metal. Check the stats folks, the real players stay safe with the yellow metal, not with currency.

But that doesn’t make gold a “forever” investment. Gold will always lose value during stable periods of strong economic growth. You could hold your breath for that to occur.

Before 9-11 and during the happy days of Clinton, gold was very cheap. During that time, you couldn’t get an investor worth his weight to advise their clients in gold.

After the tech bubble burst, and Britain dumped its reserves, the prices started to climb.

There does not seem to be a glass ceiling on this latest climb. Perspective shows that the current trends are only the beginning. It’s also been limited by Western governments persuading their citizens that “core” inflation in the cost of living is running at just 2% per year or below.

The black hat markets of the banker cannot sustain blissful ignorance forever.

New Investment in Gold

The smart analysts know that gold will continue to grow. The only way out of the Fed’s treachery, is to hyper-inflate the currencies which will have this price driving effect on gold. Trends like these are only stopped when the bankers have choke collars put on them.

The Fed raised interest rates in the 80′s which helped usher in that positive growth we once saw in the 90′s.

Will that happen again? Anyone in the room think Ben Bernanke gives a crap what happens to our savings and our futures?People who live in such a dream world should not invest with the rest of us then

Stop believing that you can’t get into the gold market, it’s just as open to you as it is to the Rothschilds.

You may be saying that you don’t know where to buy gold coins or bullion. Or maybe you know where to buy gold coins but don’t think anyone will use them as money.

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